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Increase system (local and regional providers’) capacity to deliver integrated care of physical and behavioral health care

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Join us via Zoom for our monthly discussion of Integrated Care: A Guide for Effective Implementation (2017), by Lori E. Raney, M.D.
To join, please contact Shree Veeramachaneni at

Trauma Model Therapy, by Colin A. Ross, M.D.

A treatment approach to domestic violence and abuse (starts at 0:03:03)
A treatment approach for addictions (starts at 1:06:06)

Trauma Model Therapy presentation recording

Presentation slides

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder in Primary Care: Prevention and Early Intervention, by Kenneth Minkoff, M.D.

Topic: Integrating mental health and substance use disorders into primary care settings

MH and SUD in Primary Care presentation recording

Presentation slides