Panhandle Behavioral Health Alliance’s (PBHA) measurement workgroup and other stakeholders have assembled this information to raise awareness as well as to support and strengthen community coordination and collaboration around improving access to mental health and behavioral health care. The collection and sharing of these indicators are meant to help determine some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the behavioral health system in the Panhandle. We hope that these community health indicators or data will support your work and efforts around improving access to health care. We also caution you not to make assumptions about the performance of any organization related to the data.

If you are a community member or an organization serving the Texas Panhandle, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for alternate information and data sources to be considered.

The indicators and data sources are:

To explore the latest county snapshots by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings please click here. Be sure and review their how to use their data snapshot as well.

Please contact PBHA at [email protected] if you would like the compiled data for the 27 counties in the Texas Panhandle.


Please see below for other data and needs assessment that have been provided by PBHA members and stakeholders. To be able to access and download any of the data, please complete and submit the “Needs Assessment Download” form below. After the form is submitted, the links will be sent to the email inputted.

  • Family and Youth Success Community Strengths and Needs Assessment – April 5, 2023
  • 2022 Texas Panhandle Community Strengths and Needs Assessment – October 2022